The Beauty of Death

Dai Masters of Horror, + 40 storie da brivido.

AA.VV. (Independent Legions Publishing)

Per la prima volta, tutti i grandi maestri dell’horror moderno insieme ad alcuni interpreti dell’horror Italiano. In lingua inglese.

Over 40 stories and novellas by both contemporary masters of horror and exciting newcomers. Edited by Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti.

Gli autori:

Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, John Skipp, Edward Lee, Gene O’Neill, Rena Mason, Monica O’Rourke, James Dorr, Colleen Anderson, Del Howison, John Taff, JG Faherty, John Claude Smith, K. Trap Jones, Ron Breznay, Daniel Braum, Paolo Di Orazio, Kevin David Anderson, Adrian Ludens, Nicola Lombardi, Erinn Kemper, Kevin Lucia, John Palisano, Thersa Matsuura, Lisa Morton, Stefano Fantelli, Alexander Zelenyj, Luigi Musolino, Maria Alexander, Shane McKenzie, Daniele Bonfanti, Tim Waggoner, Bruce Boston & Marge Simon, Nick Mamatas, Linda Addison, Katrhyn Ptacek, Annie Neugebauer, Simonetta Santamaria.

A cura di Alessandro Manzetti – Bram Stoker Award 2016

Aggiornamento del 23 febbraio 2017
THE BEAUTY OF DEATH arriva al Final Ballot dei Bram Stoker Awards 2016!


The air smelled rancid. The framing timbers were swollen and scratched, and the old flaking paint had stuck the glass panels together. Also the broken shutters were blocked forever in their closed position.
Through the thick curtains and the filthy windows, only a dull and gloomy halo filtered inside, even in broad daylight. There wasn’t a single draft in there; every possible gap had been perfectly filled. Even under the front door was a draft excluder filled with sawdust.
Sound travels through air, so the logical consequence of such conditions was an eerie and absolute silence.